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Kursy #udemy na dzień 24.02

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1. Beginner Object Oriented Programming In C# and .NET Core
2. Build a Complete Registration and Login System using PHP
3. Learn Ethical Hacking Using Android From Scratch
4. JavaScript Alien Invaders Game Project Course
5. Mighty JavaScript (Advanced)*


6. The Complete IP Subnetting Course: Beginner to Advanced!


7. 12 Choices to a Happier You!
8. Dropshipping Made Easy: Newbies Guide to Drop Shipping
9. Sustainable Thinking – Powerful Tool for Change
10. Business Model Generation With Business Model Canvas – 2019
11. Easy Weight Loss in Six Steps
12. YouTube Made Simple: Start your channel fast complete guide
13. Winning With Communication – Master Communication Skills
14. Persuasion Masterclass : Get Anything You Want
15. Persuasion Power Vol. 2: Magic Words That Influence
16. Persuasion Power Vol. 3: Rapport Building Made Easy
17. Career Coaching – Elevate your Entire Career Path


18. How to Generate Passive Income with Dividend Investing

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19. Islamic Finance Key Concepts for Shariah Law Students

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20. 3 Minute Spanish – Course 5 reszta jest płatna
21. Japanese Course for Absolute Beginners (Letters, Alphabet)
22. Vitamin English: American Slang


23. Video Filming And Audio Recording On A Budget For Beginners


24. The Top 24 Guitar Hacks & Tips for Beginners

25. How to secure easy PR across TV, Radio and Print

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